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Appointments Only, for the Future Only, for Both Men and Women

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Fixtures and Appointments Report
Appointments Only, for the Future Only, for Both Men and Women

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Saturday 16th November 2019
Men - London League Vets Division 1
13:30East Grinstead Vets v Old Georgians Fire @ East Grinstead HCSteve Cursons, Malcolm Wain (umpires)
Men - Kent/Sussex Regional 1
13:30Brighton & Hove 2 v South Saxons @ Blatchington Mill SchoolGlyn Crees, Richard Gibson-Brown (umpires)
13:00Worthing v Ashford (Kent) @ Angmering SchoolRoger Dear, Paul Shackman (umpires)
Men - Kent/Sussex Regional 2
13:00Crawley v Herne Bay @ Oriel SchoolPeter Behrens, John Moss (umpires)
11:45Eastbourne 2 v Southwick @ Eastbourne H.C. - The SaffronsNigel Cannon, Mark Lester (umpires)
Men - Sussex Division 1
11:30Brighton & Hove 4 v Eastbourne 3 @ Blatchington Mill SchoolAaron Hale, Paul Harris (umpires)
10:00Horsham 2 v Lewes 2 @ Christ's Hospital SchoolEdward Cade, Kenneth Rogers (umpires)
15:00Lewes 3 v Brighton & Hove 3 @ Southdown ClubMike Acott, Geoff Laker (umpires)
14:00Middleton v Worthing 2 @ The Littlehampton AcademyAlan Bray, John Silver (umpires)
13:30South Saxons 2 v Crowborough @ Horntye Park Sports CentreWill Chetwood, David Whatley (umpires)
14:30Worthing 3 v Horsham 3 @ Angmering SchoolKeith Rogers, Dave Shields (umpires)
Women - South Womens League Division 3B
11:30Horsham 2 v Southampton @ Christ's Hospital SchoolAlan Brundle, Martin Lewis (umpires)
11:45Lewes v Aldershot & Farnham @ Southdown ClubGaynor Grout, Andrew Hough (umpires) Richard Atkinson (assessor)
Women - Sussex Ladies Premier League
13:00Brighton & Hove 3 v East Grinstead 3 @ Blatchington Mill SchoolRobin Lush, John Procter (umpires)
10:00Burgess Hill v Middleton @ Hurstpierpoint College - West pitchStephen Jenner, Nicole Ouzman (umpires)
10:00Crawley v Lewes 2 @ Millais SchoolRobin Lush, Andy Vokes (umpires)
10:30Horsham 3 v Eastbourne 1a @ Broadbridge Heath (Tanbridge House School)Dorieke Mathilde Grijseels, Ken Veness (umpires)
12:00Mid Sussex v Chichester @ St. Paul's SchoolJohn Beales, Kathy Sealy (umpires)
10:30South Saxons v Brighton & Hove 2 @ Horntye Park Sports CentreMax Coles, Gordon Young (umpires)
Sunday 17th November 2019
Men - National Competitions - Men`s Over 40s Tier 1
13:00Brighton & Hove Masters v Guernsey Over 40s @ Blatchington Mill SchoolGlyn Crees, Paul Shackman (umpires)
Saturday 23rd November 2019
Men - London League Premier Division
14:30East Grinstead 2 v Bromley & Beckenham 2 @ East Grinstead HCGlyn Crees, Paul Shackman (umpires)
Men - Kent/Sussex Regional 1
South Saxons v Old Williamsonians @ Horntye Park Sports CentrePeter Behrens, Keith Rogers (umpires)
13:00Worthing v Kings & Alleyns @ Angmering SchoolLuke Cain-Williams, Duncan Wood-Allum (umpires)
Men - Kent/Sussex Regional 2
14:00Hailsham v Crawley @ Hailsham Community CollegeNigel Cannon, Richard Gibson-Brown (umpires)
13:30Mid Sussex v Eastbourne 2 @ St. Paul's SchoolWill Chetwood, Kenneth Rogers (umpires)
Men - Hampshire/Surrey Regional 2
13:30Chichester 2 v Old Cranleighans 2 @ Chichester Technical CollegeAlan Bray, John Moss (umpires)
Men - Hampshire Division 2
15:00Chichester 3 v Alton @ Chichester Technical CollegeAlan Bray, Roger Dear (umpires)
Men - Sussex Division 1
15:00Brighton & Hove 3 v Middleton @ Blatchington Mill SchoolMalcolm Wain, David Whatley (umpires)
13:30Crowborough v Lewes 3 @ Beacon Community CollegeMike Acott, John Silver (umpires)
16:30Eastbourne 3 v Horsham 2 @ Eastbourne H.C. - The SaffronsSteve Cursons, Geoff Laker (umpires)
12:00Horsham 3 v Worthing 2 @ Christ's Hospital SchoolEdward Cade, Aaron Hale (umpires)
13:30Lewes 2 v South Saxons 2 @ Southdown ClubMark Lester, Ken Veness (umpires)
14:30Worthing 3 v Brighton & Hove 4 @ Angmering SchoolJames Evans, Dave Shields (umpires)
Women - South Womens League Division 3B
12:30Hailsham v Fareham @ Hailsham Community CollegeTim Clay, Martin Lewis (umpires)
Women - Sussex Ladies Premier League
13:30Brighton & Hove 2 v Mid Sussex @ Blatchington Mill SchoolJohn Procter, Andy Vokes (umpires)
12:00Chichester v East Grinstead 3 @ Chichester Technical CollegeMax Coles, Dorieke Mathilde Grijseels (umpires)
11:30Crawley v Brighton & Hove 3 @ Oriel SchoolJohn Beales, Gordon Young (umpires)
13:30Eastbourne 1a v South Saxons @ Eastbourne H.C. - The SaffronsAlan Brundle, Andrew Hough (umpires)
15:00Lewes 2 v Burgess Hill @ Southdown ClubMarie Jarvis, Julia Shorrocks (umpires)
12:15Middleton v Horsham 3 @ The Littlehampton AcademyGaynor Grout, Robin Lush (umpires)

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